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My Work

Here are some of the projects I have worked on over my 15 years in the industry. This selection of clients ranges from my time at marketing agencies, to creating my own personal business sites.

With every website custom made, the personality of the company comes shining through.  


Riquelme & Associates, CPA

We decided to highlight the excellent customer reviews and long standing business relationships for this public accounting firm. This complete redesign of the website and optimized SEO made them stand out as leaders in their market. "Big firm capability, Small firm personality"

Click here to view the site.   

R&A Homepage.png



Simple, clean and elegant was the way for BermanFalk furniture design and manufacturing. Working with suppliers and buyers all over the world they wanted to express their sleek image with concise messaging.

Click here to visit the site


Covenant Family Wealth

The financial advisors at Covenant wanted to convey upstanding professionalism while keeping family values as the focal point. This wasn't just about investing, it was about building a lasting legacy for families to pass down through the generations.

Click here to view the site.   

Covenant wealth
modern engineering


Modern Engineering

Modern Engineering received a completely new logo, marketing strategy and website to take their business to the next level. We kept their engineering process front and centre and mixed it with eye catching design to draw the reader in.

Click here to visit the site.   


BarePaws Doggy Daycare

This is a company that my partner and I created and built with love. It was a business focused on the exceptional care of our 4-legged best friends. We created an outdoor space where dogs were free to enjoy, socialize, exercise and receive expert training.

This site is no longer live. 

barepaws home
terminal forest products


Terminal Forest Products

It's all about quality for this company, working with red cedar from log to finished product. They keep the integrity of their humble beginnings in everything they do as they continue to grow and make some of the best products on the market. Click here to visit the site.   


Fine Choice Foods - Summ

The focus here was all about food bringing people and cultures together. We focused on the packaging and story telling aspects of how they make food in a traditional way, and offer modern distribution for all to enjoy. Click here to visit the site.

Fine choice foods
baretracks home


BareTracks Adventures

This business was created by my partner and I, and we recently sold it to a lovely new owner and operator. It was a great site that featured tons of pictures of happy puppies, we would have over 20 dogs a day on our hikes through the mountains. This site is no longer live.


Dead Frog Brewery

The little brewery that is a lot of fun. It's all in the name. Dead Frog's energy was playful, youthful and all about having a good time with friends and family.

Click here to visit the site

dead frog brewery
los abuelitos home


Los Abuelitos

This endeavour was a small retirement dream for 'Los Abuelitos'. They are all about focusing on family, Nicaraguan culture and great food bringing us all together. 

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